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A global computer, tablet and smart phone maker, Foxconn has awarded Zinox Technologies the Platinum Partner Award for 2014 to celebrate the ingenuity of the Zinox Research and Development team in her New Digital Products – the Zinox Tablet Pcs known as “Zpad”.

According to a Director with Foxconn, Maricar Deocampo, Zinox Technologies is being awarded the distinguished partnership status in order to celebrate the newest smart device from the stable of Nigeria’s foremost and most decorated ICT Company.  

“Though Zpad series is built in partnership with us but your intellectual strength, competence in digital design and capacity to challenge the best global digital products is unbelievable considering the fact that you are based in an emerging third world country with all the difficulties with infrastructures and digital capital. Of special interest to us is your exceptional knowledge on Apps content. We are definitely excited to work with you and it has been very rewarding and we hope your country will appreciate this combined effort to deliver what we consider as one of the best series of Digital Tablet Pcs in the world”, Decampo said.

Foxconn with a total assets worth of over $1.7 trillion and net income of more than $100billion in 2012 employs over 1.2million tech professionals and is the original design manufacturers of best digital products in the world amongst which are -  ipad, iphone, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Nokia, Blackberry, Acer, Playstation 3, xbox 360, just to mention a few.

Aside Zinox’ partnership with Foxconn which has earned her a cherished award, the recognition confers on the Nigerian brand the reputation as a company to watch and a domestic company of international best practices.

Speaking on the Platinum Award, Corporate Communications Adviser of Zinox Technologies, Uche Nnadozie, disclosed that the Zpads are digital tablets that cure knowledge deficiencies and they are so reliable that it has extended warranty alongside extra Apps compared to any other in the market.

“When the largest and most reliable ICT manufacturer in the world teams up with the largest on the Africa region, then Nigerians, if not Africans, are the better for it. It is a privilege to work with Foxconn. Like President Goodluck Jonathan said last year, ‘a nation without a Digital Identity in the 21st century is a dead nation'," he said.

He added that “Zpad is going to change the way we educate our children, the way we conduct business,the way we govern our people,and the way we relax. The Zpad is a world class, internationally certified product in aesthetics, style and content”.

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The Zinox Group, Africa’s most integrated ICT firm, has appointed a young upwardly mobile and leading Nigerian Artist, Iyanya of the Kukere fame as her Brand Ambassador in a move that promises to define the mutually beneficial relationship between technology and culture. Zinox and Iyanya put pen on paper in a ceremony held at the Zinox corporate headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos. As Brand Ambassador, Iyanya shall feature prominently in the advertising and public relations materials of all the companies of the Zinox Group – Task Systems Limited, Technology Distributions Limited, Zinox Technologies, Buyright Africa Dotcom and TD Plus according to Mr. Chris Ozims the Group Secretary and Legal Adviser. Mr. Ozims explained that all Zinox PCs and laptops, including the new ones to be launched would all come standard with Iyanya video and audio embedded. He said that Zinox, an indigenous world-class Digital Group is living her talk by creating hope for modern Nigerians and sustaining her commitment to Digital Democracy. Mr. Ozims said that the Zinox Group shall soon release the roadmap with Iyanya for the next 12 months, the duration of the contract. Answering questions on why the choice of Iyanya, the Corporate Affairs Consultant Mr. Echika Ezuka said that he was chosen because of his appeal to youths across Africa, a target that Zinox intend to reach more forcefully with its ICT penetration messages. He said that the youth have always been the centerpiece of the Zinox corporate social responsibility leading to the donation of digital centers and computer laboratories to some tertiary and secondary across the country. Mr. Ezuka explained that the Zinox Group had before now reached the youth through sports with the sponsorship of the 8th All African Games in Abuja in 2003 and the African Universities Games of 2005. Iyanya as Zinox Brand Ambassador represents faith in the growing capacity of the Nigerian Artist, Zinox and the Nation. The underlying philosophy, he said, is that we must learn to accept what is ours, allow it to grow and bloom gradually to perfection. The Zinox Group is aware that Nigeria would be better off if companies like Zinox sponsored promising Nigerians like Iyanya in preference to sponsoring some foreign artist. Zinox launched in 2001 by world-class Nigerian Digital Entrepreneur, Leo Stan Ekeh, is Africa’s Integrated ICT Solutions Company and has been the nation’s Digital backbone on certified PC Assembling, Advanced Biometric Solutions, E-Library and Digital Power Solutions, and rated as class “A++” Systems Integrators with local and International capacity to handle sensitive ICT projects. Zinox successfully intervened for INEC in 2006 and 2011 Voters’ Registration amongst other national and multinational sensitive projects.

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The Imo State Government has named the IT center in Imo Center for Advanced Professional, ICAP, after Zinox Computers in recognition of the company's contribution to the development of Information Technology in Nigeria. The announcement was made by Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Executive Governor of Imo State while receiving the donation of 4 fully fitted security vans and equipment valued at over N50m. The Imo State Governor said that the donation from a team of the Zinox Group led by Leo Stan Ekeh as Chairman is further proof of Leo Stan Ekeh's commitment to the development of knowledge. Owelle Rochas called on well meaning citizens of Imo State to follow the exemplary conduct of Leo Stan Ekeh saying the situation in the State today calls for all hands to be on deck irrespective of political affiliation.
The Chairman of the Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh announced the donation of 4 fully fitted security vans, 150 Jonta flash lights, 150 self-charging digital lanterns, and 150 I-Max radio sets to support the security monitoring functions of Imo State. These will add digital comfort to Policemen on duty. In addition, Zinox, he said had released N10, 000,000 to Imo Foundation launched by His Excellency a few months ago in support of structured overall social development of Imo state. Mr. Ekeh said that as a group of companies primarily concerned with knowledge development and building a new generation of Nigerians, the Zinox Group would also donate digital knowledge content encapsulated in Zinox WHIZKID version 2 to four schools in the State. This content would make kids from privileged and exposed public schools better while enhancing the overall academic performance of the underserved. "We would also provide digital training sessions for teachers to improve the overall teaching and learning environment. Our expectation is that the total cost of this intervention would be N50m".
The Zinox Chairman said that the recent developments in Imo State deserve the support of all. He recalled the expanding of existing and building new infrastructure - roads, parks, schools - breaking the myth about the impossibility of free education, the provision of portable water, and the guaranteeing of a safe and stable environment. Mr. Ekeh said that the Owelle Rochas administration has made Imo State one of the fastest developing States in the Federation describing what Owelle Rochas has started is awesome and deserves to be encouraged.
The Zinox Group said Mr. Ekeh, is a responsible corporate citizen whose contributions to society form an integral part of the vision of its founding fathers. "Zinox has a tradition of executing major CSR every five years outside our annual commitments in the spirit of Zinox". He traced the history of Zinox CSR in Imo State, such interventions such as building and equipping of digital laboratories at the Federal Poytechnic, Nekede, Imo State University and Federal University of Technology, Owerri and some secondary schools in Imo state. "There is no geo-political zone in the country that has not been touched by our interventions in tertiary, secondary and primary education. Our interest in capacity building has benefitted scores of Imo indigenes in the form of scholarships at all levels of education including post graduate education in world class European and American Universities".
The Zinox Group, though a small sized Group is the most integrated ICT company in sub - Saharan Africa made up of Task Systems Limited, ICT solutions providers to the leading multinational Companies in Nigeria, Technology Distributions, the Number 1 bulk mover of ICT products in West Africa, and Zinox Computers, Nigeria's First Internationally Certified Branded Computers. Zinox Technologies is known for Hardware assembling but we are deep into world-class Software Application development.

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Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman of the Zinox Group today led the Group's Executive Management comprising of the Managing Directors of Zinox Computers, Technology Distributions and Task Systems to pay a courtesy call on the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola.
At the visit the Zinox Group donated items worth over N50m to the Lagos State Government. These items include - four units of fully equipped Security Vans, 150 units of Digital Radio, 150 units of Digital Solar lamp and 150 units of Solar Torch meant to enhance the efficiency and digital comfort of the Police and other security organizations in Lagos State while on duty. The Zinox Group also promised to use four schools in Lagos state as DIGITAL CONTENT CENTRES for its new digital Product - the ZINOX WHIZKID Ver. 11, which has helped many students to achieve excellent result in GCE, WASCE, JAMB and Post UME nationwide. The Zinox Chairman, Leo Stan Ekeh, explained that Zinox will deploy the equipment and content, train the Teachers in its digital laboratory in Gbagada and certify them ready to challenge the best Teachers in the world. This will revolutionize education in tandem with President Jonathan's Transformation Agenda.
Presenting the items Leo Stan Ekeh had said that Lagos State has done well to merit the 'A' list of the Zinox CSR portfolio. Describing Governor Fashola's leadership of Lagos State as exemplary, robust and world-class, Mr. Ekeh mentioned some of the his achievements in pursuit of the vision to build a mega city - expanding existing and building new infrastructure - roads, railways, general hospitals, giant steps in education, the provision of portable water, and the guaranteeing of a safe and stable environment. The Zinox boss described Governor Fashola's administration as the benchmark for the assessment of State Governors nationwide. He summarized the purpose of the courtesy visit as a show of support to spur the Governor to greater heights.
Receiving the items Governor Fashola said that the Lagos State Government welcomes the donation and identification from the Zinox Group. The Executive Governor described the donation as a call beyond duty. In his words "Zinox is always one of the corporate persons that pay tax promptly, for Zinox to go beyond that and do so much for the State shows that Zinox has the heart and the head to maintain a balance between its corporate social responsibility and the size of her balance sheet". On the request by Zinox for 4 schools that would serve as Digital Content Centers, Governor Fashola mentioned three new schools in Gbagada and Bariga. He noted that the other school would come from one of the zones. On the issue of a partnership in knowledge development, Governor Fashola said that the Lagos State Government has bought hundreds of thousands of text books, built thousands of classrooms and desks but was now concentrating on curriculum to ensure that there is standard content for the development of the child. He said that the Government would partner with Zinox in an effort to create a knowledge platform to harness innovations in the State.
Governor Fashola urged other corporate persons in Lagos to emulate the Zinox gesture by donating to the Security Trust Fund or partnering with the Government to rebuild the educational sector. He said that corporate persons who desire to intervene in education can adopt a school or a class or a set of pupils.
Zinox Technologies Limited has a history of a responsible corporate citizenship in Lagos beginning with the equipping of a digital laboratory at the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu; the upgrade and tarring of the Redemption Crescent, Gbagada; an interest arousing competition in mathematics for pupils in Primary 4; donations of computers to many schools in Lagos State including Queens College, Yaba, and Archbishop Aggey Memorial Secondary School, Mushin; training for budding entrepreneurs entitled the Spirit of the True Nigerian Entrepreneur, SoTNE; offsetting of medical bills of many patients; recently, the State Government commended the Zinox Group for maintaining a clean and green environment in Gbagada.

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Osita Iheme, MFR, today visited Zinox Technologies Limited on a courtesy call. The Nollywood star was recieved by the Chairman of the Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh, FNCS, OFR. At the visit both gentlemen discussed the Osita Iheme Quiz Competition, a competition for schools in Mbaitoli, Imo State. Mr. Iheme explained that the competition is designed to make students read harder and establish a reading culture. It is designed to make them realise that success only comes from hard work. He said that hard work in the acquisition of knowledge pays the best dividend in the long run. The Zinox Chairman, Leo Stan Ekeh, noted that the competition is in place with the vision of Zinox in the Digital Knowledge Democracy, a platform set up by Zinox for the promotion of the knowledge economy. The Zinox Boss presented two Zinox whizkid laptops to Mr. Iheme as part of the prizes for this years competition.

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The management of Zinox Computers celebrated Nigeria's 51st Independence anniversary with the launch of a laptop - the Zinox LEGACY. The product is the result of over 18 months of toil in the Research and Development Department of Zinox headed by the Group Chairman - Mr. Leostan Ekeh -FNCS, OFR to find a laptop that encapsulates the passion, analytical minds and commitment of our founding fathers with that of Nigerias 21st century global digital wiz kids.
The Zinox LEGACY is more than just a laptop said Mr. Emomine Mukoro, Managing Director, Zinox Computers. He described the laptop as stubbornly Nigerian because of its packaging - wrapped round with a national symbol in an era when manufacturers are scared to claim the Made in Nigeria status because of ill advised preference for foreign goods.
The Zinox LEGACY is certified and powered by Intel Inc and Microsoft. The Zinox LEGACY runs on Intel 2.0 GHz processor, 2GB Ram, 320GB hard disk, and a 14" High Definition screen (HM 65). This sleek and stylishly built notebook has 6 Cell Smart Li battery, card reader, DVD Supermulti, and a 1.3M Camera and more. Mr. Mukoro revealed that the Zinox LEGACY has one year comprehensive warranty and due to our absolute confidence on this product, the Zinox Support dept would replace a faulty system with a new one if it will take more than 96 hours to repair.
He also revealed that only 25,000 units of this product, designed to be a souvenir, would be produced this century. Mr. Mukoro said that the Zinox LEGACY, Limited Edition comes standard with historical snippets that highlight the profiles, quotations, and legacies of Nigeria's civilian Presidents designated as Icons of Democracy because of commitment to digital democracy. The Zinox LEGACY is embedded with the Zinox Card, an e - learning suite developed in partnership with the world e-books library - the most comprehensive e-knowledge product in the world. This product is a very powerful web based e-knowledge tool that differentiates the Zinox brand and accelerates customer satisfaction by innovatively empowering users of Zinox Computers with the world's largest e-library service, over 2,000,000 e-books.
Reacting to the launch of Zinox LEGACY, the President of the Information Technology Association of Nigeria, Dr. Jimson Olufuye, described the Notebook as the greatest that signifies the aspirations of modern Nigeria. Mr. Olufuye advised Federal,state and local Government and corporates to brand Nigeria with this digital tool that comes standard with world class knowledge contents He said that the Zinox LEGACY Notebook provides the Federal government with the equipment to implement its transformation agenda, adding that this ingenuity from a local OEM deserves to be encouraged by all. Zinox LEGACY, he said, is capable of triggering new levels of productivity and national pride.
Zinox Technologies Ltd, Africa's most integrated ICT firm was launched in 2001 by a team of tested IT technocrats with a combined experience of over 128 years in different continents, led by Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh. As the foremost company to go into an uncharted terrain of Computer production in West Africa, Zinox had Nigeria in mind as it debuted with the first ever Nigerian internationally certified branded computers with the Naira keyboard.
Zinox technologies Limited, with its strong research and development backbone has won the certification of Microsoft and Intel and remains the only computer manufacturer in Nigeria to earn the NIS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certification. Zinox has won over 60 Awards nationally and internationally including the Best Computer Manufacturer of the Decade from the Nigerian Computer Society.

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Nigeria is running on a digital age and it is time to make critical decisions that will bring about a break from the analogue past where all photography were still and in black and white. Nigeria today finds herself in times that are as difficult as 1969, the peak of the civil war, when nationalists and stake holders in education came together in a bid to salvage the ship of state from the vicious grip of ethnicity, religious bigotry and corruption. The situation has been compounded by kidnapping, terrorism, our inability to fund education, and the inability of Nigerian graduates to fit into existing vacancies in the industry. There is a need, said Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman Zinox, for another look at the national policy on education by people compliant with 21st Century technology.. Mr. Ekeh was speaking during a courtesy visit by the new Executive of the Nigeria Computer Society, NCS, led by Prof. David Adewunmi. He said that Prof. Adewunmi who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Bell University is coming into the office of the President of the NCS at the right time. He urged the President to direct his gaze at the need to restructure education in Nigeria with IT as the main tool. Explaining further, the Zinox boss explained that with technology the objectives of teaching and learning can be achieved at a lower cost with more competitive outcomes. For example, electronic content would cost less while solving the problem of overcrowded classes that have perplexed educational administrators for decades.
Earlier, Prof. David Adewunmi congratulated the Chairman and management of the Zinox Group for the long relationship with the Nigeria Computer Society. He recounted a rich history of support dating back to the first President of the NCS, saying it showed the depth of the Zinox commitment to develop the IT sector. Prof. Adewunmi expressed appreciation for the role that the Zinox Group have been successfully playing in the IT sector – the successful delivery of sensitive and large scale projects at the national level. He said that Zinox has proved to the world that the Nigerian IT practitioner is a world-class professional with the capacity to match the best in the world.
The Zinox management and the NCS leadership agreed to work together in upholding international standards, enforcing the local content policy, capacity building and serving the unreached. Both organizations would cooperate on all issues relating to the robust deployment of IT at all levels of education in Nigeria. The NCS and Zinox decried the multiple biometric data collection by numerous Agencies in Nigeria. They agreed that biometric data is secured data that should be handled only by contractors who have integrity and would not compromise national security. In addition the Chairman of Zinox, Leo Stan Ekeh, noted that the Nigeria Information Technology Merit Awards, NITMA, is one of the noble legacies that the Prof. Adewunmi led executive has inherited. He urged the Executive to handle NITMA with its characteristic professionalism to protect the lofty ideals for which it was instituted.
Africa’s most integrated IT firm, Zinox Technologies Limited was launched in 2001 and has earned recognition as a world-class solutions company with competencies spanning , certified PC Assembling, Advanced Biometric Solutions, E-Library and Digital Power Solutions, and rated as class “A++” Systems Integrators with local and International capacity to handle sensitive ICT projects. Zinox successfully intervened for INEC in 2006 and 2011 Voters’ Registration amongst other national and multinational sensitive projects.

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PROFESSIONALISM - We recognize that only a disciplined adherence to quality standards and processes can deliver world class products.
INNOVATION - Our creativity is based on insight that assures easier and faster ways of satisfying our clientele.
INTEGRITY - We demonstrate transparency and truthfulness in all our dealings.
RESPONSIVENESS - Our reflexes are allured to every need of the Customer.

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The Chairman of the Zinox Group, Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh, has called on the Government to give priority attention to the need to invest in the ICT sector in the interest of digital natives and immigrants. The Zinox Chairman, who was cornered recently at an NCS event, was reacting to the call by well-meaning Nigerians that youth coppers be given a lump sum of N250, 000 after their service year to enable them start a business.
The Zinox boss praised the initiative but said it was like placing the cart before the horse. He said that what the Government should do is to create new and solid foundations for education by providing appropriate ICT infrastructure in schools.
Information Technology, he said, should drive the teaching and learning processes in schools - beginning with the learning environment, the instructional materials, the resource centers, and the e-libraries. IT driven education would come cheaper than analogue education and create access and pre-occupation for the millions of children who come to schools from poor homes.
These youths are already tech savvy by the time they leave school. All we need to do is put together a scheme that ensures that every graduating student is empowered with a laptop. This should apply to all graduates from universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. The idea would be to harness the energies of a new generation of Nigerians through the vital tools for change. Only a deliberate and systemic empowerment of the youths can ensure that Nigeria participates gainfully in the unfolding knowledge economy.
Leo Stan Ekeh said that China and India have joined the list of world super powers by investing heavily in the development and penetration of ICT. Today, China has become the workshop of the world not necessarily because labor is cheap but because she has a well trained and knowledgeable work force. 75% of the world's software businesses are outsourced to Indian companies because her citizenry have been motivated to control the production of software globally.
The Zinox Chairman said that Nigeria should borrow a leaf from both countries if the dream to join the world's top 20 economies by 2020 is to be realized.
He suggested that the Government should invest at least $2.5b on the empowerment of digital natives and immigrants, young and middle aged persons selected purely on the basis of their proficiency in Information Technology. Such an investment would yield more dividend in the long run than many of the white elephant projects that are being proposed today.
Observing that one of the greatest challenges militating against development in Nigeria today is the absence of structured manpower, the Zinox boss said that the time to act is now. He said that globally, current entrepreneurs are mentally weak because they have watched the wealth built over many years diminish substantially. So, there is no excitement to create new wealth. Nigeria can take advantage of the lull to catch up with leading developing nations of the world. At the end of the global depression, a new set of smart wealth creators shall emerge and shall create wealth with the speed of light and dwarf the achievements of current entrepreneurs.
The Acting President and his cabinet should, therefore, invest in creating digital natives and immigrants or what is called generation 'y' that will lead this country not only in commerce and industry but also in governance. Without this quick solution you can see Nigeria as dead on arrival in the new age.

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The conference of the Methodist Church of Nigeria has computerized the clergy of the church in a digital move that is designed to strengthen evangelism and engender quality humanitarian work. The church has standardized on Zinox Computers as the appropriate work tools for a church that continues to focus on how best to reach their immediate environment with the message of good news through John Wesley's method of aggressive evangelism. The conference of the MCN, through the Secretary, His Lordship Bishop Chibuzor Opoko, ordered the Zinox Pride laptops for all the clergy in Nigeria. This was formally launched in Umuahia, Abia State, on August 7, 2010.
Under the partnership Zinox offered the choice Zinox Pride laptops at concessionary prices to help the work of God. Each Zinox Pride laptop comes standard with Microsoft Windows PRO/Vista Business loaded with 1,000,000 e-books, electronic bible, over 80,000 work sheets, revision questions and answers for WAEC, JAMB, and Post UME examinations, and a shock proof laptop bag. The Zinox Pride runs on T4400 - Duo Core 2.2 GHz/160GB HDD with a memory of 2GB DDR, Touch pad, Net Trace - Theft Tracker, built-in Blue tooth, built-in 2M pixel Camera, and Wireless LAN CARD.
When contacted on phone Bishop Chibuzor Opoko said that the exercise was part of an on-going computerization program which, would enable the clergy to access the deep knowledge embedded in the internet, network with like-minded people globally through the huge database of the church, develop skills and attitudes to sustain interaction with the reality of digital natives and immigrants, and keep pace with spiritual and humanitarian trends globally. Bishop Opoko said that the computers would help ease the administrative functions of pastoral work. He confirmed that they chose the Zinox Pride laptop because it is rugged, has compelling aesthetics and is Nigerian.
Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Sunday Mukoro, the Managing Director of Zinox Computers, said that the computerization of the Clergy would usher a bright future for the church. These digital tools would bring about a new way of seeing and doing things. For example, he expects these tools to re-define charity from giving people fish to giving them digital skills for sustenance. He explained that the e-books suite embedded in the computers could be a source of life saving tutorials for WAEC, JAMB, and Post UME examinations. Mr. Mukoro said that the Methodist Church is a major player in the educational sector and the e-books suite would be invaluable.
Mr. Mukoro said that the Methodist Church Nigeria is the newest addition to the growing list of churches that have standardized on Zinox. Others include the Anglican Communion that recently bought Zinox laptops for all her clergy. The Dunamis International Church in Abuja is also among the list of Churches distinctively computerizing their workers with Zinox Laptops. The Roman Catholic Church relies on Zinox for many of her IT needs.
Zinox Technologies Limited commenced operations in 2001 as the manufacturer of Nigeria's First Internationally Certified Branded Computers. Rated second best selling computer in Nigeria and the largest Premium Partner for both Microsoft and Intel in Sub Saharan Africa, Zinox aims to be the preferred brand in Africa.

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The commitment of the USPF to ICT penetration in Nigeria has been described as exemplary and worthy of emulation. In a review of the pace of ICT penetration in Nigeria in 2009, the Chairman of Zinox Computers Leo Stan Ekeh, singled out the United Service Providers Fund, the USPF, for praise. In a review that has just been made available to the media, the Zinox Chairman said that the review was necessary because of the pivotal role that ICT is expected to play in national development.
The ICT revolution would pass Nigeria by without regular evaluation of ICT penetration in Nigeria. The economic meltdown that upset the world economy in 2009 took its toll on the performance of the ICT market in Nigeria with new low levels of disposable income amidst crushing poverty. The situation, the review said, was not helped by the fact that there were no deliberate interventions to enhance access to ICT equipment in 2009 from the Governments of the Federation. The review condemned the lack of a follow-up to the CANi of 2004/5, the Government initiative that sought to provide computers for all Nigerians.
However, the educational institutions, driven by the global competitive trend continued to invest on ICT in 2009 but such investments were still too feeble to turn around the face of education in Nigeria. The review decried the poor density of 2,000 computers in a school of over 30,000 students' population, teachers and other support staff not included.
The educational sector is critical because the schools are commissioned to produce the work force that this nation requires to be competitive. The review commended the efforts of organizations like NCC/USPF, the Education Trust Fund, ETF, USAID, the CBN, NITDA, Total Fina Elf, and MTN, just to mention a few, for their commitment to the provision of ICT infrastructure in Nigeria..
The review singled out the NCC/USPF as exemplary in its commitment because the USPF has gone beyond the educational institutions and provided ICT equipment to many communities.
Statistics available show that the NCC has deployed largely in almost every tertiary institution in the country through the Adapti and Digital Awareness Project, DAP, and even provided wireless internet. The USPF, the review from the Zinox Boss said, has also provided all tertiary institutions in the country with digital labs connected with internet while secondary schools nationwide were provided with e-learning platforms - laptops and internet in her on going national SAP Project. The review acknowledged the depth of the USPF's intervention in the communities known as Community Communication Centers, designed to reach under-served communities in Nigeria.
Leo Stan Ekeh explained that these centers are nerve centers that primarily link their communities with the information highway enabling individuals and small businesses to exploit resources from the knowledge domain. Each center would provide telephone services, which must include free round the clock emergency telephone services, provide electronic or manual public access messaging system, which must make all messages accessible to the community within 30 minutes of receipt, and create free access to computers and internet services. In addition, each center would provide ICT training services for users of the CCC, and render other optional business services required to meet the needs of the local market.
The review said that these commendable interventions have still not brought Nigeria near closing up the digital divide. He urged other corporate persons to emulate the commitment of the NCC/USPF and aim at providing comprehensive ICT solutions to educational institutions and communities. The report described a situation where a bank donates 2 computers to a school in the full glare of the media as laughable and a mockery of corporate social responsibility. It recommended that Government should explore ways of making it mandatory for banks, insurance, oil and gas, telecoms and other blue chip sectors to invest a percentage of their profit on the development of ICT infrastructure in schools. Only such an investment can guarantee that Nigeria would ever take her rightful place as the giant of Africa.

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Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman of Zinox Technologies Limited, manufacturers of Nigeria's First Internationally Certified Branded Computers, has commended President Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal Executive Council for their intense focus on education. Reacting to the FEC approval of N1.7bn for primary school textbooks, Leo Stan Ekeh, who was answering questions on the ICT television program, Technology Africa, said that it was encouraging that the initiative was coming from Government at a time when the world was beginning to doubt the capacity of Nigeria to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Mr. Ekeh also commended the new policy that guarantees a regular training and retraining program for teachers. Mr. Ekeh urged the President to remain focused always on doing what is best for Nigeria. He called on all stake holders in education to take advantage of the favorable disposition of government and ensure that the Nigerian educational system quickly transits to the e-books culture that is changing the face of education world wide.

While assessing the impact of ICT in the past 50 years of Nigeria's existence, the Zinox boss said that the year 2001 would always be remembered for being the turning point in the development of Nigeria. He recalled that 2001 was the year that Nigeria joined the ICT revolution with the launch of Zinox Computers and the GSM. He said that even cynics would agree that these two related events have changed the course of Nigeria's development.

For example, the ICT capacity acquired by the banks have given the banks the confidence to embark on universal and global operations; the educational sector can now compete with institutions anywhere in the world; the agricultural sector has access to international research efforts; the impact of the ICT has been felt even in the media which is today digital; etc. He said that at the end of the 1st decade of the 21st Century majority of Nigerians can claim access to Information and Communication Technology tools that enhance productivity. Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh said that the 50th anniversary celebrations give us an opportunity to enhance the measurable contributions of ICT to national development. He said that the celebrations would translate to a direct investment if the Federal and State Governments give one laptop to every serving National Youth Service Corp member on October 1, 2010.


That way we would be empowering a new generation of Nigerians from whom we can expect innovations in the next 2 to 3 years. We can monitor this generation by branding them the Golden Jubilee Generation. Mr. Ekeh said that the governments should use the donation of these laptops as a means of challenging Nigerian youths. In the same vein the Niger Delta Commission should seize the opportunity of these Golden Jubilee Celebrations to give every repentant militant a laptop. Mr. Ekeh said that "if properly monitored and supported by a professional micro credit scheme that these laptops as tools of innovation could leapfrog this nation into a silicon valley".

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Zinox Computers has dedicated its latest Award as the Best Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM, to TotalFinaElf for the company's unwavering commitment to indigenous technology. Receiving the Award, the Managing Director of Zinox Computers Mr. Emomine Mukoro commended the management of Communications Week for the Award but said that the heights attained by Zinox Computers today may not have been possible without the unflinching support of companies like TotalFinaElf. He said that the records show that at the launch of Zinox, TotalFinaElf demonstrated great foresight and understanding by standardizing on Zinox Computers.


The Zinox Managing Director said that the action by TotalFinaelf was not the result of any persuasive marketing overtures nor was it motivated by any social factors but was based purely on the desire of the TotalFinaElf management to encourage the growth of local technology. He recalled that in spite of the inspiring scope of the Zinox launch, many companies remained skeptical about the capacity of Nigerians to deliver on the promise of manufacturing world class computers.


Most of the blue chip companies adopted the negative Nigerian attitude of 'siddon look' but TotalFinaElf aligned herself to the collective aspirations of Nigerians by being the very first company to standardize on Zinox Computers. Mr. Mukoro seized the opportunity to call on the Federal Government to establish a process that would automatically reward corporate persons like TotalFinaElf for incorporating local content in their operations. Multinationals, he said, should pay more than lip service to the concept of giving back to Nigeria and Nigerians by emulating the example of TotalFinaElf.


Presenting the Award earlier, the Publisher of Communications Week Mr. Ken Wogbo said that the Award of the Best OEM of the Year 2009 was won by Zinox Computers for a number of reasons. Firstly, Mr. Wogbo said that the globally competitive quality of Zinox Computers has remained consistent over the last decade. Secondly, Zinox Computers have done more than any other OEM in this country, through themes and schemes, to speed up the pace of ICT penetration in Nigeria.
Finally, the Zinox Computer brand has attained cumulative multi lateral values that mean many positive things to the Nigerian project including being a source of national hope and pride. In addition, he said that the Zinox Computer has become a major tool for the furtherance of education in Nigeria. Mr. Nwogbo called on other Nigerian companies to borrow a leaf from the steadfast focus of Zinox Computers.


Zinox Technologies Limited commenced operations in 2001 as the manufacturer of Nigeria's First Internationally Certified Branded Computers. Rated second best selling computer in Nigeria, Zinox aims to be the preferred IT brand in Africa. With over 13 branches across Nigeria, Zinox has turned out to be the nearest computer company to Nigerians.


Zinox Computers is one of the international brands that the Computerize Nigeria Project offers to make computers accessible to all and has also participated in initiatives to drive down the cost of PC ownership thus empowering Nigerians who hitherto saw computers as elitist and luxury items. Besides, manufacturing and selling computers, Zinox has also contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of Nigeria by donating PCs, Accessories and digital Laboratories to tertiary institutions across Nigeria. Zinox has also supported the hosting of major events within and outside Nigeria. Notable amongst them are the COJA Games-2003, CHOGM-2003, 17th AU Summit in the Gambia-2006.

Zinox Newsroom

The Laptop range of Zinox Computers, Nigeria's First Internationally Certified Branded Computers have emerged the best selling Notebooks in the Nigerian market according to the latest report by the International Data Corporation, IDC, the US based global leader in market research and analysis in information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology. The report shows that Zinox Computers continue to perform very strongly, ensuring a quality Nigerian participation, in a market that would have been completely dominated by foreign brands.


The Q2, 2010 IDC report pasted on the company's web site reveals that Zinox Computers are the fastest growing and best selling Notebooks in the Nigerian market. Zinox is strongest in the laptop market where it leads 6 other international brands, including HP, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, and LG Electronics, with a 53.6% market share and a Y/Y growth of 799% while its closest competitor HP achieved a 23.6% market share and a -5.7% decline. In the desktop Computer category, Zinox came second with an 11.4% share as the market defines a HP, Zinox rivalry.


The IDC report showed that Zinox has a share of 32.5% of the Total PC market, a remarkable achievement for an indigenous brand that has been in the market for less than a decade. Commenting on the report, the Chairman of Zinox Computers, Leo Stan Ekeh, said that the report has justified the vision, hard work, capital outlay, human resources and patrotism that have gone into the building of the Zinox brand. He said that he was satisfied that Nigerians are proving that if given the opportunity they could compete and overcome even the best in the world.


He recalled that amidst skepticism in government circles, among professionals, and the general public he had declared at the launch in 2001, that Zinox was a public trust and a spiritual commitment. He had proclaimed that Zinox had the finances, the know-how, and the will to make the brand a source of national pride. The Zinox Chairman said that he was proud that less than a decade after that launch, the Zinox brand was keenly competing for space with foreign and international brands.


He said that the success of the Zinox brand is traceable to the strict adherence to international quality standards and processes. For example, he said, the launch of Zinox was delayed for some years to enable Zinox Computers to attain the Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL), a certification that remained exclusive to Zinox among the indigenous manufacturers for many years.
In 2005, just 4 years after launch, Zinox received the NIS ISO 9001: 2000 quality and management processes certification. In recognition of its quest for excellence, the brand has won all known international and local Awards from professional associations, and remains the largest partners of Intel and Microsoft Inc. in sub Saharan Africa. And just in June 2010, Intel the # 1 Microchips producers in the world profiled Zinox Computers in her Newsletter as African Digital success story based on her achievements and growth.


Mr. Ekeh explained that the flagship of the Zinox charge in the market is the Bijimi (Digital work horse in Hausa) laptop which come in two variants - the Bijimi PRO and the Bijimi Sage, The Zinox Pride Notebook an all time best seller loaded with over 1,000,000 e-books and other contents like JAMB,WAEC, NECO etc exams revision questions and answers. This dominance of the laptop market is also helped in no small way by the rapid market penetration gained by the Zinox Smart mini notebooks in partnership with Intel.


The performance is based on a strategy of continually identifying and reaching Professionals, the underserved or unreached. This is evident in the fact that Zinox Computers today is responsible for over 75% of the computerization going on in the educational sector. The Zinox strategy has also been greatly helped by the number of branches in Nigeria, 14 at the last count which is the largest number of branches run by any computer company in Nigeria, enabling an after sales support that is accessible from anywhere in Nigeria with additional support agreement with TD Plus Ltd, a wholly after sales support company.


These branches are staffed by internationally certified Nigerian professionals and that's why we were able to intervene to save major national and international events in Nigeria like the All Africa Games, (COJA 2003), Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM 2003) and the INEC voters' registration of 2006. Armed with this high quality product portfolio, human resources and an impeccable patriotic will, #1 was only a matter of time - because the Zinox brand was configured to be Number One, added Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh. He said these achievements wouldn't have been possible without the support and prayer of governments and people of Nigeria, in particular President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR and Corporate persons who have shown faith in the Nigerian dream by standardizing on Zinox.

Zinox Computers was launched in October 2001 as Nigeria's IT Identity. From inception Zinox has scored a number of firsts - first Computer Company in Nigeria to acquire the WHQL, first Nigerian computer company to introduce the Naira sign on its international keyboard, first Nigerian computer manufacturer to attain the ISO certification, first to receive Presidential endorsement as computer of choice for Nigeria etc.

Faithful to its Nigerian roots, Zinox has given back generously to support the growth of a knowledge economy. These include the initiating of the Computerize Nigeria Project to create awareness and access to the computer as a major tool for work and play; the establishment of digital centers at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Lagos State Polytechnic,, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede etc.

Zinox has been a major sponsor of seminars, lectures and symposiums, aimed at capacity building, for the civil society. Zinox has also distinguished itself in large sponsorships - sponsoring the 8th All Africa Games in 2003, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, CHOGM, in 2003, the official computer of the African Union Heads of States meeting in 2005 at the Gambia. Zinox is a regular major sponsor of the all ICT professional bodies in Nigeria.