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Constant evolution and positive disruption has remained the key to the relevance of the Zinox Group. You either keep disrupting the market or stand the risk of being disrupted! In line with the foregoing, we present the Zinox Future Visions.

The world is shrinking at an unprecedented pace as a result of the impacts of new technologies; knowledge democracy is no longer a buzz-word but a reality; new audiences are emerging with a demand to consume new products.

The Zinox Future Visions mandate is to anticipate where the world is headed and be ready with the right products and solutions…

It is our considered belief that the Group has the requisite human capital/resources, financial muscle, carrying capacity, industry-knowledge, street-smartness with credible global partnerships to further diversify into hitherto-uncharted territories and take dominance of these areas. As an internationally recognized technology group with huge spend on Research and Development on critical emerging sectors and products with offices spread nationwide, across West Africa and other foreign climes, we have the potential to cause positive global disruption be it in Robotics, AI, Healthy Living, Core ICT, IOT Medicine, FMCG, Entertainment, etc. and place Nigeria by extension Africa on global success map.

Designed for a global audience, the products and solutions from the Zinox Future Visions stablewill expectedly go on sale in the EMEA markets of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Furthermore, the line-up of products will be updated regularly.

Experience the first set of tech products released by our globally-certified creative team of young men and women.

NEW GTX NoteBook – the smallest laptop in the world developed in partnership with Tecsync Technology, AshourCorporation, Intel Corp. and Microsoft Inc. It is a digital 14-inch device which deletes stress while you work. Loaded with MS Windows 10/Office 2016. Available in limited quantity at an introductory price with full 365 days’ warranty.

KiDs Legacy Tab: Pre-loaded with over 50 knowledge-building applications and designed for ambitious kids who desire to lead in the corporate world, politics and other fields in in future. It has a smooth feel that inspires greatness in the minds of those between the ages of 3 to 13. Set for launch on 30th August 2017. Limited quantity available.

New Z-Pad – A hot sale! A tablet like no other…Dynamic enough to meet your computing needs and voice call requirements, the Z-Pad is your ultimate smart device companion. With its ultra-slim design, high-speed 3G capabilities, large storage and orientation sensor, the Z-Pad places a world of amazing possibilities within your reach.

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